Nutrisystem My Way & Fast Five Review

 photo Nutrisystem1_zpsb71e3517.jpgObese and overweight individuals are seen everywhere nowadays. This is a direct result of their busy and inactive lifestyle. Also, most of them are dependent on processed and fast foods either because of their busy schedule or may be just to satisfy their taste buds.

Nutrisystem, one of the leading diet experts, has considered such people and come up with ready-to-eat diet meals programs. Nutrisystem’s diet programs can help you become slim, fit as well as healthy.

What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is basically a complete diet meal provider. With its years of study and research, the diet provider is offering over 150 food items in its diet planner. These dishes are all everyday food items that you are comfortable and familiar with. All the meals offered by Nutrisystem help you efficiently and effectively in shedding extra fat and weight from your body. At the same time, they offer you good health too.

The diet provider has been doing a great job in offering effective and user-friendly weight loss diet programs and has helped millions of people globally. Unlike most of the diet providers, Nutrisystem offers various diet plans for different groups of people such as Men’s diet plan, Women’s diet plan, Diabetic diet plan, Vegetarian diet plan, and so on.

All the meals offered by Nutrisystem are pre-prepared and packed. Everything you will have to do is reheat them just before consuming. Most people, when hear about diet plans, think that they are of limited varieties and tasteless. However, when it comes to Nutrisystem, it is not that. You will have a great menu choice with tasty food items. All the meals are packed in microwaveable pouches so that you can directly microwave them and consume.

Along with the meals, Nutrisystem is also offering its customers with desserts and snacks. This is a great news for those who love to eat snacks and desserts yet want to lose weight. You can any time talk to diet counselors and experts at Nutrisystem to get answers to your doubts and questions.

Nutrisystem, who has been helping millions of people with its diet program, has recently come up with two more diet programs – Nutrisystem My Way and Nutrisystem Fast Five.

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Nutrisystem My Way

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Nutrisystem My Way is the newest diet program that is introduced by Nutisystem. This is a 28-day diet program that is developed to help individuals in losing extra weight and fat depending on their metabolism. It offers the dieter with the accurate amount of nutrients as well as calories that can help him/her lose weight effectively.

The program makes use of an algorithm that can determine the unique metabolic rate of the dieter. Once after estimating this, you are offered with a customized meal plan as well as workout suggestions that can help you in burning fat effectively and boosting up your metabolism. You are encouraged with regular check-ins with one of the Nutrisystem weight loss counselors as your metabolic requirements will change.

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Nutrisystem Fast Five

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Along with Nutrisystem My Way diet program, Nutrisystem has also introduced the latest Nutrisystem Fast Five diet program. This is a one week quick weight loss kit that can help you achieve the results faster. The Fast Five diet program is included with all the essential tools that can help you achieve good amount of weight loss just in the first week of your program which can offer you early and quick weight loss results.

When you opt for Fast Five program, you will get a unique 1-week diet plan that features seven specially chosen breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes that can help you greatly in achieving good weight loss during the first of the diet program. The program also includes Nutrisystem’s shakes that are formulated for both the genders which include EnergiZING shake that is developed to offer the dieter a good charge. The makers have used energizing B vitamins, green tea extract and caffeine in making this shake. It also provides you vitamin D and calcium. The program also includes Craving Crusher shakes that are made to satisfy your hunger pangs. The shake includes a mixture of protein and fiber that can help you in feeling full and as a result you can prevent snacking during afternoons and evenings. These shakes also include nourishing blend of antioxidants and vitamins for your complete well-being.

Nutrisystem Fast Five program is so very effective that a 5-pound of weight loss during the first week is guaranteed by the makers; otherwise, you will get your money back. If you stick to the diet and follow the guidelines, you will surely achieve your weight loss goal in no time.

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How to order Nutrisystem programs?

You can place your diet program order either by visiting Nutrisystem’s official website or through phone. You will receive the orders directly to doorstep with promptness and good condition.

You can also receive good discounts and other offers on Nutrisystem meals. However, they change from time to time. To know more about them, either you can visit the official site from time to time. You can also find coupon codes around the web to receive good discounts on the Nutrisytem programs.

Nutrirystem also offers gift coupons. So, in case you are concerned about any of your friends or family members, you can gift them these coupons so that they can order their choice of diet program on the site and work on shedding their excess weight.


Both the plans – Nutrisystem My Way and Nutrisystem Fast Five plans are designed to assist you in losing weight in a healthy and systematic way. The diet provider guarantees you a quick and easy weight loss through its diet programs. The good part is, the diet plans are personalized and customizable. Different plans are designed to suit the weight loss and health needs of different individuals.

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